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Current Office Hours: M-F 9am-6pm, Sat Closed, Sun Closed

All Services Up!: There are no known network outages reported.

09/18/2021 | 10:00pm

Servers UP! CP9, CP11, and FN-CP cPanel servers hosted in Bellingham are reporting up, sorry for the long outage.

09/17/2021 | 06:00pm

Big Wind Storm today, first of the fall season. Knocked out some servers in Bellingham. We are working on getting them back up!
Most effected, is web and email hosting for domain hosted customers.

02/01/2021 | 11:05am

Did a few tweaks to our e-mail spam filtering. There should be less emails found in your Junk E-Mail folder from now on.

01/31/2021 | 05:45pm

Our Email SSL Certificate expired today, and caused errors for our email customers. We are sorry for this and have corrected the issue.

10/29/2020 | 2:00pm

We are trying out a new Help Desk, made by the makers of SmarterMail. This is giving us the ability to chat with our customers. You can now chat with us via our website https://www.fidalgo.net during our business hours.

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